AboutIsaiah 6:8

A humanitarian organization, the idea for which was conceived just days after the fateful earthquake that struck the island nation of Haiti. Like many people all around the world I was moved by the images of devastation, injury and death. I felt compelled to act financially as many had, It was as simple as texting a brief code on my cell phone... just ten dollars and I will have done my part. However, I continued to be troubled by the plight of the Haitian people. Even though I could rationalize that ten dollars contributed by thousands or maybe even millions of people could really provide a positive impact. Somehow I felt that there must be something more I could do. But what? I resigned myself to pray and ask God what he would have me do. After a week or so of mentioning this question in my daily devotional prayers, one morning I felt compelled to read in the book of Isaiah chapter six and it was there that I received my answer to prayer. I must go there myself to minister personally to the wounded, the hopeless and the homeless.

What's so special or different about going to Haiti you ask? So many individuals have gone to Haiti and given personally of their time and resources already, what's the big deal? Well here it is. When God brought Isaiah 6:8 to my attention, he also reminded me of a promise that I had made to Him many years ago when I purchased my current vessel. Some time before, I had purchased a much larger vessel, but lost the vessel due to a chain of unforseen events. I asked God to provide me with another vessel , and should He do so, I would find a way to use it in his service. Over the years I have offered myself and my vessel to various churches to teach Pathfinders and Scout groups basic boating and sailing skills, but none seemed interested in taking advantage of the opportunity. Then after the earthquake in Haiti it all seemed so very clear... Go over in the boat!

Now heres the special part. Nothing short of divine providence can provide: The finances for such an undertaking, the legal registration of this vision as a charitable organization (501(c)3. The equipment needed, the supplies, the logistics, it all looms as too impossible to accomplish. But, I am reminded that “with God, ALL things are possible. So, if it is His will, I will. I believe that this mission was ordained by God, so I am stepping out in faith and working towards that end. A fact finding mission is scheduled for the early spring or summer of 2014. What remains of this year will be dedicated to establishing the organization and initial contact with the government and churches of Haiti, as well as fund raising. While some may think it untimely to plan a departure for 2014, one need only reflect upon the continuing recovery of some gulf coast states (USA)from the effects of hurricane Katrina. Now consider Haiti who's resources pale in comparison to that of the United States, even before the event of 12 January 2010. Because of these things, I have chosen Haiti as this organizations first international project. But, there is also work to do at home here in the U.S. And the primary focus of this organization will be to "Stand In The Gap" to assist those who are overlooked by the majority of other relief groups here and around the globe. Not for recognition in the news, but because the need exists.

I once lived in another state which had an elite medical team that was noted for responding to major world crises within a moments notice. However, when approached to provide assistance in the way of exams and medical attention to mitigate the plight of the homeless in their own city, none made themselves available. It's not about the notoriety, fame or recognition, it's about the need. It's not about you, it's about service to others. God gave you a heart, so won't you give a hand and make your mantra: "To Do Good Until HE Comes". I'd like to formally ask you to become a partner in this venture. I believe in miracles, and I believe that God uses people like you in the performance of His miracles. Won't you support this organization now by volunteering your time, materials and financial gifts? Your contribution will help in providing aid, hope and restoration to the people in your community and the island nation of Haiti.

Many Thanks,
R.M. Cammack, Founder
Executive Project Coordinator